Sneak Peek : “Convac – Responsive Multi Author Blogging Theme”

15.July.2014| 3 Comments

Hello down there bloggers!!!

Blogging is fun, more importantly it is now one of the crucial part of content marketing strategy. Regardless in which business you are; whether online or offline, it is essential for you to enlighten your customers with product and services, you have to offer them. The best way to interact with your clientele is through blogs. As blogging not about informing the customers, it’s about engaging the customers.

As crucial is the content or the conversation of the blog, equally matters; design or look matters for the patronage of customers to the blog. Let’s assume you visit a restaurant on a friend’s recommendation or viewing umpteenth ads about its tasty food. But contrary to fancy imagination of exotic and charismatic ambiance of the restaurant, you found a filthy and lousy environment. Having being put so much effort to come down to the place, you finally decided to make an order and you found food is really delicious. But will you visit again? most of you will not, even some of you might move out without ordering anything. Same thumb rule applies to blogs as well, your content can be well versed, effectively put across, but if blog design is pathetic, you will surely struggle for your quality visitors.

A blogger is terrific in putting across awesomely kneaded words to engage customers, but a little he can do with the design of the blogs. Now all you need to do is to focus on your composition and writing, as we have put our days and nights to slay out of your worry about appearance of the blog. To all our blogger fraternity, we present an exclusive WordPress theme for bloggers -“Convac – Responsive Multi Author Blogging Theme”.

Convac is premium WordPress theme solely designed for web bloggers. The main aim of theme is to improve your blog’s appearance for the end users and making your blog posting a cakewalk task for you. The theme has options and features which can customize your blog as per your need and interest. Design for bloggers, theme is equipped with integrated features such as- post share, post like, subscription widget, supports to all post formats and many more.

Listed down below is the features of the theme “Convac – Responsive Multi Author Blogging Theme”.

  • Author Slider

01 Author Slider

  • Full Width Image Header

02 Full Width Image Header

  • All Post Format Supported(link,quote,video,audio,gallery,standard)

03 All Post Format Suppor

  • Post Share Option

04 Post Share Option

  • Post Like Option

05 like post

  • Twitter Slider

06 Twitter Slider option2

  • Different Blog Layout (Full Width, Left/Right Sidebar, Masonry)

08 Layout types

  • Subscription Widget

09 Subscription Widget

  • Follow Widget

10 Follow Widget



To all my dear bloggers, curtains are down, so what are you waiting for? Make your blogging experience a cakewalk for yourself and to all newbies give a kick start to your blogging show with great features of our upcoming theme CONVAC. We hope that you’ll like this theme and find it useful for you. And in case, if you need more information about the theme, feel free to contact our ardent team round the clock.

Cheers 🙂


3 Comments so far:

  1. stooni says:

    Cool Theme! I hope coming in next time!


  2. Carli says:

    I need your help 😉

    I got the 1.0.0 version. I downloaded this version for free.

    I would like to integrate the header author slider on the homepage.

    For the moment i can just put one static picture on the homepage.

    Do you know how I have to do ?

    Sorry for my english, i am french.

    Thank you!

  3. Ashish Sharma says:

    Hello Carli,
    Have a lovely day!!

    Actually this facility is only available for the pro version’s of our theme so if you want it then upgrade your theme as pro theme. Moreover, you will get the one year online support of our team with pro version.

    Looking forward your response.


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