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SketchThemes has devised a fully fledged support system to fix all your theme related problems, be it some technical issue or updates regarding any of our wordpress themes. Our fully mechanized and well-versed team is always there for you to troubleshoot your glitches in setting up our wonderful range of wordpress themes.

We provide quick and handy Theme Documentation to give you a fairer idea on how to proceed with setting up the theme you have bought. Then we have a dedicated Support Station where you can get resolution of your problem. Even our back end experts are more than willing to help you out in sorting out the problems you are facing.

For New Customers

You must be having some questions before you get into buying our freshly released premium themes. Do not hitch to put your pre-sales queries before us. We welcome all the queries regarding pre-sales, affiliates or some billing related issues through our Contact Form.

Only pre-sales query regarding our wordpress theme and affiliate query will be resolved under this section.

We do not provide any technical assistance for those using our trial version and also those seeking to trouble shoot technicalities involving theme installation will be not entertained.

Queries pertaining to technical problems in themes will not be responded under contact form.


Existing Customers Support


We have our extended and fully mechanized support meant only for our premium customers. We have specially created Theme Documentation and Support Station to help them with early resolution to their queries or issues. We also have personalized ticket submission Help Desk to resolve problems on personal front. We have devised a 360 degree support system to ensure our premium customers go easy on their themes.

Theme Documentation

Every premium or paid theme at SketchThemes is supported with a detailed Theme Documentation so that the user can get complete information about the features of the theme and also get to know how to install that theme in few minutes. Out Theme Documentation is thoughtfully developed so that any naïve customer with zero coding knowledge can easily set up the theme. Even if the users require further assistance then we have a fully dedicated Support Station to resolve all theme related issues.



Our Support Station is a fully threaded forum where our premium customers post their queries and the answers are duly given to them. This way we have a complete resolution data on commonly faced theme issues. If you have some problem regarding Theme Documentation, you can land at our Support Station using your login details, and post your query there. If you have a query similar to the one resolved earlier, you will get instant resolution to your problem. However, if you do not find the match for your query, then you can post one at our forum and our moderators will come back with perfect resolution for you in 8-10 hours.



If you have the issues regarding some technicalities in your admin, and you think the details for it are too personal to share on support forum, then you can raise a ticket and submit your query directly to us through this route. Once your ticket is submitted we take 12-18 hours for resolving your issue.



Instant resolution provided through theme documentation.

Instant resolution for existing query at support station. For fresh query at Support Station, moderators take 8-10 hours to resolve.

For queries at Help Desk where ticket is submitted, it takes 12-18 hours.


SketchThemes attend to the queries from Monday to Saturday (except second and fourth Saturday of the month) in GMT +5.30 timezone, since we have our office located in India. Live Support/Tickets are handled from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. However, you can ask from us any time of your convenience, and we will get back to you as soon as we get this during working hours.


Live Support also remains suspended during occasional public holidays in India. However we do have limited support on such occasions. Barring this, SketchThemes has distinct and efficient support mechanism round the year to drive your problem towards solution in lowest possible time.


  •  Technical issues in the themes
  •  Installation guidance
  •  Bugs fixing
  •  Post sales updates
  •  Pre Sales/Affiliates/Billing query


  •  Themes or plugins not bought from us
  •  Plugins integration
  •  General WordPress support (please use the WordPress forums for that)
  •  Adding new features or extending the features currently available
  •  Changing colors and/or images
  •  Customizing your theme in general


In general we do not customize your wordpress themes, but in order to keep our customers in good taste we usually put our resources to this task in lieu of nominal charge of $25/hour. By charging we mean just to help you out in the things which are not the part of our support domain.


Contact us via Billing/Account Contact Form



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