How to turn your boring Twitter account into really interesting one!

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All we know is that Twitter is fast getting recognition and has become a ‘must have’ in the social network of your business or blogs. However, what is often missed is the fact that your every post or comment on your Twitter handle must weigh something for your target audience. If you are really looking to project your online business information properly or want to let your followers know about the new wordpress theme you recently incorporated into your business site, then sharing just a technical or robotic piece of information really won’t help. So, how to make good use of Twitter? Let’s find out…

Ask yourself a question

What do you do to engage your followers and attract new ‘tweeples’ (new people joining Twitter). Agreed, you are using your Twitter account to maximize your reach and you are sharing similar links or updates about your business. And you are doing same thing on other social platforms and e-mails, but still the question remains – have you done anything apart from this, to keep your followers engaged to your content??
Here, what is noteworthy is the fact that you have just updated the content only for the sake of it. Only mental approach is seen in this move, not the emotional approach.

How about doing this?

How about sharing your weekend plan on Twitter along with just introduced product on your site? Weird it may sound, but trust me when it appears in the first place it will not only reflect your personality but also takes your target audience in the comfort zone. This gives you an edge over others in similar domain, just by moving some steps ‘extra forward’.
Here are some simple steps towards making your content more engaging on Twitter.

Look beyond updates

While you share any of your blog links or update about your business, just don’t take it as a task to finish. Look it as an opportunity and try to look beyond that. Involve creativity in your every share by adding some simple lines. Try to make the most of every link you share. For example, if you share the new line of electronic products on your site, try and add a line on what interesting recipe you made out of the microwave oven you are projecting on your site. Or for that matter, which new game you downloaded on your smartphone which is freshly arrived on your site. There are similar endless possibilities in every domain you are dealing in. Remember, the key is to engage your followers more and more with interesting tidbits.

Be kind to other’s work

Do not brag too much about yourself while you share any information. Apart from only sharing information that surrounds ‘me and myself’, try and explore the things about other development in similar domain. This way, your content will attract more eye-balls as it will be an honest one. And folks as you all know…Honesty is the best policy!

Air your personal views

Sometimes it happens that after making a huge build up of followers you slowly gets away from direct interaction with your viewers. You fear losing out on your followers if any of your views go wrong. But hey, if you remain aloof from your audience for long, the bond will weaken in the long run. So shed all your inhibitions and freely air your views. Look at the other side of this move – your comments may fetch you more dedicated followers. So do not stay behind in sharing your personal opinion to make your tweets lively and interesting.

Increase RTs, use hashtags

Can you recall when was the last time you retweeted (RT) other’s article links, interesting videos or important information, apart from piling up your Twitter account with contents of your own business interest? Well you need to understand the importance of other like-minded people on Twitter space and express it through RTing them. Using of hashtags also is a good way to sound familiar and show that you belong to the similar community of mass Twitter users.


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