Version 3.0 to roll out for Like Dislike Counter

20.March.2014| 1 Comment

Like Dislike Counter is an impressive tool to get remarkable user engagement for your blog posts, easily and effectively, by allowing visitors to leave you a quick feedback. LDC Pro has been out there for quite some time and is getting lots of love from our customers. By the constructive feedback and features demanded by customers, LDC Pro is going to get a new feature update that will make it a must have plugin for your website. With the new LDC v3.0 you can now configure the Custom Messages to show to your users. Also, it has a new IP based Like Dislike tracking, which eliminates any possibility of fraudulent voting. LDC makes it easier for your visitors to connect with you. After all, getting better user engagement is at the core of blogging and you pull out all the stops to endeavor it.

Below are the most highlighting features carried by Like Dislike Counter Pro:-

  1. Custom Message [New]:- With the new LDC v3.0 you can choose the custom message displayed to your users, when they perform an activity, be it a like or a dislike, or when already voted article is voted. You can customize all the messages generated by LDC on the front end.
  2. IP Based Like Dislike Tracking [New]:- With IP Based Like Dislike Tracking enabled, your visitors will not be able to fraud vote. Only single vote will be counted from a single IP, making the counts more authentic and reliable.
  3. 10 Pre-built Icon Set:- LDC comes with 10 cool icon sets to choose from. Don’t just show conventional thumps up or thumps down buttons instead go for the icons of next generation. Choose the one that goes with the flow of your website.
  4. Custom Icon Set:- If you think none of the available icon sets suits your website and you want to try something on your own. LDC has got you covered with the custom icon set. You can choose any icon that you feel like using for like-dislike buttons.
  5. ShortCode & Template code:-  Easily embed LDC to any place you want. Just drop a ShortCode or template code on the place you want and that’s all done.
  6. Most Liked/Disliked Post Widget:- Sometimes it’s great to show users what other users are loving and present the same to your users to get more interaction. LDC includes a handy LDC widget to highlight most popular posts based on likes or dislikes.

Meanwhile you can see check out the Demo of Like Dislike Counter or Buy LDC now.


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  1. ashvin says:

    Can you please integrate it with mycred plugin in a future release. Thanks

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