Smart Steps For WordPress Maintenance To Run Website Smoothly

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What steps do you take for your site’s maintenance? Keeping your website running smoothly without having an issue is important for better search results and best user experience.

There are many things which have to take care of WordPress maintenance. But to do that all things are a time-consuming and impossible task at a point.

Although doing everything for site’s maintenance is not even necessary. As there are so many factors, taking care of every factor is nearly impossible and tedious.

But there are some key points that we should keep in mind while performing periodic maintenance. Here are some simple key maintenance points to keep the site up to date and glitch free.

Give a boost to site’s search results by keeping every decisive aspect up to the mark. It because the search engine calculates sites ranking by various matrices. As there are over 200 factors which affect the site’s ranking, so its a better and smart approach to focus on few quality things.

Metric also includes how often you maintain the site and how frequently you update the content on the website.

Here is the quick WordPress maintenance checklist

Check out these super easy steps for doing WordPress maintenance in a streamlined manner. These are the ongoing steps which you can do once in a month or in a week too.

As the Internet is evolving with a crazy speed, to take care of your site becomes priority.

Check and repair broken links-For easy WordPress maintenance

Broken links are those links which show error when someone clicks on it. There can be many reasons for a broken link like the page does not exist on which the link is given. Or the page is moved to some new location and many more reasons exist.

Broken links harm your site more than any other thing will harm. Having too much-broken links not only reduces the sites search engine performance. It also disrupts users experience which leads to higherbounce rate.

To keep track of all the broken links of your site, there are many online tools available that will do a link check for your site. In WordPress their is a free tool available which will show you all broken links and also show warnings related to links.

If you are not a WordPress user, you can easily check all your links by an online tool called Broken Link Check. If you want to change URL of a blog post which is already posted, follow these simple step to do it. Because if you try to directly change the URL of post it will give 404, page not found error.

Backup your site regularly

Having the latest backup of your entire site is life-saving when the site crashes due to any cause. If you take backup of your site’s content even in once in a month, then you must improvise the backup strategy. Creating a backup in every week is a very safe approach because the losses are minimum.

There are many things that you should backup the content folder of the site, various plugins, modification codes that you develop for customization, etc. If you are WordPress users than taking a full site backup is a task of minutes.

You can use Back Up WordPress plugin to have a full backup of the site. If you are going to update the theme of the website then you should make the entire backup of the site. So if you are searching for what things to backup while changing the theme, check out the entire To Do List.

Check for updates

We use numerous plugins and tools for our website to work well but as they are so many to manage. We often forgot to check for their updates. Having the latest version of tools and plugins is very important as it keeps site bug free.

Even if you have a lot of tools and plugins installed on your site, keeping the updated version will run site smoothly.

You can use Easy Updates Manager plugin to manage your all updates from a single place to keep your site up to date.

Take care of the DataBase while WordPress maintenance

Having an optimized DataBase helps to load the site faster which enhance user browsing experience. As we posted a lot of content daily on the website, the chances are the site may load slower. As in the WordPress, the Database contains various things like images, content, plugins, etc which keeps on growing every day.

Thus to optimize database is very important, it becomes necessary to remove all unnecessary junk files and cache. To optimize the data you can use a simple plugin called WP-Optimize which will remove all unnecessary junk files. It also has the feature of regular weekly clean up so you don’t have to do it manually.

And if you want to clean the cache of your website, you can do it by WP Super Cache. It is very easy for WordPress maintenance as it cleans the cache and makes your site run faster and in a hassle-free manner.

Block Spam comments

If you have a comment section on your blog to interact with your readers, then it is very important to check and delete all Spam comments on your blog post. Because not all comments are genuine, most of the comments are promotional and Spam.

To manage your all comments manually is time-consuming and hectic. To manage all the comments you can use a plugin to filter out only important comments. You can use Akismet Plugin to block all Spam and futile comments for easy WordPress maintenance. Sometimes it blocks some genuine comments but overall it does its job well.

Optimize the content well

This is one of the most important things you should do for WordPress maintenance because it is the content which brings the traffic to the site. To have good search results, the content must be well optimized according to search engines guidelines. To have more benefits of search result, try to write informative and descriptive content because search engine gives more preference to long form in-depth content.

For having traffic for previously posted blogs, you should keep updating your old blogs. When you add some information it will add value to the post. It will be re-crawled by the search engine spiders and will lead to better results for your site. By tracking the progress of your site you can use the Google Analytics. By using Google Analytics, you can have a better insight about the visitors.

Audit your site’s security regularly

No matter how well your site is performing if your site is not secure from various threats, then it will harm your site brutally. To secure your site from various attacks you have to take care of Spam comments, brute force attacks and much more that can damage your website.

If you do it manually, it will consume a large chunk of time. To have all-round security for your site you can use security plugins like the All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin to protect your site from every possible attack.

Securing the Admin Panel is one of the major step towards site’s security. This is because the admin panel is the single point entry access for the attacker from which the hacker can gain access to the whole site.

Regularly audit your ON page SEO

On Page SEO is such a thing that needs to be maintained on regular basis. The reason behind this as we regularly update content, the On-Page optimizations needs to update to work well for the search engines. It is good to perform an ON Page Optimization audit weekly to have better search results. Here is the complete list of ON Page Weekly Audit for WordPress maintenance.

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in smooth functioning of the website. As there are so many things running on a single site, which makes site slower. Slower the site, higher the bounce rate. For the fast functioning of the site, regular site maintenance is very necessary. Maintenance can be done in a very easy way by following above steps.



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