Amazing WordPress Tricks For Boosting Up Productivity [Updated]

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WordPress is not just a CMS now, it has become a whole ecosystem for the marketplace. As we are consuming digital resources so rapidly to simplify our daily work by amazing WordPress tricks. The digital resources are also improving and optimizing to give best user experience. WordPress is very popular and powerful platform as over 28 % of the total web runs on WordPress only.

We use this platform for numerous uses, as it has so many features, settings, shortcodes, etc. To get the best out of it sometimes become a tricky task. We can use so many shortcodes and tricks that are available in WordPress itself, that will make life easier.

Everything comes with some hidden features to enhance user’s productivity, we just have to find them out.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most productive and coolest hidden features of WordPress. It will make your WordPress work experience easier and enjoyable.

Here Are Some Awesome WordPress Tricks For Full Productivity

1. Writing Shortcuts for best productivity- Awesome WordPress Plugin

We all spend big chunk of time in writing and in formatting the blog. There are so many writing shortcuts that use can take in use while writing. Here are some useful markdown formatting shortcuts:

  • Use 1. or 1) to create a new ordered list
  • Use # to launch H1 tag, ## to launch H2 tag, ### to use H3 tag, and so on
  • If you want block quote, simply use >
  • Use * to launch unordered list
  • Use Alt + Shift + p to publish your blog
  • Press Alt + Shift + m to insert image
  • Press Alt + Shift + a for inserting a link into blog
  • Use Alt + Shift + s to remove any link
  • For checking spelling use Alt + Shift + n
  • Alt + Shift + w for activating distraction mode writing

The list of WordPress tricks is never-ending, but these are the shortcuts which you can use more often. It will help you to improve writing experience.

2. Auto-embed Videos and links to blog post

The latest version of WordPress lets you embed multimedia directly from social media like YouTube, Twitter etc into the blog post. For doing this you just need to copy the embedded multimedia link and paste it into your blog. After the update of 4.4, you can use the oEmbed service of WordPress. In this service, you can directly copy URL from another WordPress site to your site to embed multimedia.

3. Edit images directly from blog post

WordPress offers basic but useful image editing without using any third party plugin. You can resize, crop, rotate the image easily and quickly. To use image editing feature of WordPress just go to Media -> Library and select an image.

After that click on Edit Image option to open image editing. From here you can change the dimensions of the image, crop image as per required and rotate the image. Another reason for using the inbuilt image editing is to reduce the installation of unnecessary plugins that ultimately slowdowns your site. To prevent site from working slow, you must do regular maintenance of your site.

4. Preview new theme before installation

We all love to change the appearance of our site to give it an edge cutting perspective. But changing theme can cause trouble if you don’t like the theme that you install. So it’s better to have a preview of the new theme before applying the changes.

To have a preview of the new theme, click on the Appearance -> Themes. Below the theme thumbnail, you will find two buttons Activate and another is the Live Preview. Just click on the Live Preview button to have a preview of the theme that you are going to install.

While you change the theme, there are so many things that you have to take in consideration to make sure you don’t lose anything. Here is the Complete Check List of what to do while changing the theme.

5. Customize your DashBoard

WordPress dashboard comes with so many numerous features and settings. To manage everything in a single place is difficult and messy. So WordPress did a very simple thing to manage all your setting. Inside the dashboard, you can find everything that you are using a drop-down menu.

Simply go to the Screen Options menu to see what plugins and tools you are using. You can select what you want all time in the dashboard and what to hide. Simply Check that feature that you want and unchecked others.

6. Partition lengthy blog post

The problem with the lengthy post is that reader has to scroll continuously to go through the complete blog. The best solution is to create a partition in the blog post. The advantage of doing partition in the blog post is that reader doesn’t need to scroll throughout the blog to read it.

To create a partition simply insert !–next page– in brackets where you want to split the page. Suppose you have written an ultimate guide on some topic of 10 k words. By using this tag you can easily split the huge ultimate guide into small well readable sections.

7. Advance setting options for your site

If are bored with the basic setting of the dashboard that you have on your site then try some advanced settings. To access advanced setting i.e Master Option Panel of your site simply type this URL->

Replace the domain name with your site name and have access to the advanced setting options.

As all the options listed in the Mater Option Panel are used to change the maser setting of your site. If you don’t have had an idea what to do with numerous settings, don’t change any configuration.

There are so many WordPress tricks and tips available for to increase your productivity and sites performance. Use these shortcuts and the features to use your WordPress site with full potential. Make sure you do not block important files like Robots.txt while exploring the customization settings of WordPress.

Apart from having access to all features and WordPress tricks, you should always take care of its security. Because as technology is growing with its full potential, on the other hand, cyber attacks also. Always get the latest updates from the WordPress and the Plugins. The advantage of having latest version is that you will experience lag-free experience.



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